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Kid’s can’t sit still? Bring on the Magic Bag!

magic bag

Setting: A large family restaurant with a big menu and casual atmosphere.

Objective:  No cooking, No cleaning. Not leaving with a headache.

Enter: A frazzled Mom holding her young daughter’s hand,  “Come here, Kailee. Sit down, we are going to have dinner. We don’t want to disturb all these nice people trying to eat.”  Mom pulls out a chair, pats the seat, and trys to coax her child to sit down and behave like an adult.

Well, kids are not mini-adults so, why should they be expected to behave like us.  Kids are naturally curious about new unexplored surroundings and need a few seconds to adjust to their location. Use that quiet time to your advantage and de-crease your perceived anxiety over the judgment of your parenting skills. But, always be prepared!


Enter your friend and savior the magic bag. A magic bag is simply a bag that you ONLY pull-out in public places that you want the child to be quiet and behave in a certain way. The magic bag  works like magic if you rotate its contents like you  circulate the toys in the toy box so, they are always new.

The contents of the magic bag vary from child to child but, should includes a few staples.



Pencil/Pen (when child can write)

snack (tide them over until the food arrives-small amount raisins/cereal)

small toy

FREE easy to carry string bag included with each doll purchased!(while supply lasts)

College Highlight:

University of Oklahoma

u of oklahoma

Two Awards for College Savings Dolls! Toy of the Year 2014 from Creative Child!

College Savings Dolls

is so excited to be awarded not one but two prestigious awards from the fabulous

Creative Child Magazine!!

The judging was conducted by educators, parents as well as child centered groups; who played, tested and at handled the Deanna doll gave their opinions and voted to award the doll.

Deanna Creative Child Award 2014

College Highlight: (Creative Child is located in Henderson, NV)


Check out a new recipe, STEM resources, cool quotes and money tips!

The Real Deanna & Jessica and their dolls!!!

The Real Deanna & Jessica and their dolls!!!

Here it is! The CSD 1st Newsletter!

Read on, let us know your thoughts &  tell us how we can be better serve you!

There Here!!!! College Saving Dolls arrive at the warehouse!

We have been waiting almost three years for this moment! Here are a few pictures of the shrink-wrapped skids arriving at the warehouse & being unloaded by Patty.more boxesBig stack of boxes!!

Yikes-I have to count all these!! 

Ta Da they are  here!

Ta-Da!! They are here!! Let the CSD games begin!

Order your dolls now @!

Only $59.99

Special thank you to Mike Murray owner of First Choice Building Products in Woodale, IL for allowing us to use your warehouse! 

12 Fun Facts about Dolls that will impress your friends!


Want to show off your knowledge?  These easy fun references are all yours!

1.) The first dolls discovered were Roman and dated from 300BC!

2.) The first doll commercial was for Mr. Potato Head.

3.) The Russian nesting doll, matryoshka, was featured in the 1900 Paris World Expedition

4.) The Teddy Bear is named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

5.) The realistic Reborn dolls have been mistaken for real children by police who have actually broken  into cars to “rescue” them!

6.) The most expensive doll in the world is the $6.25 million L’Oiseleur.

7.) The oldest “doll hospital” is in Lisbon, Portugal; restoring & repairing dolls since 1830.

8.) Queen Victoria, 1837-1901; inspired the blue eyes in the dolls we see today.

9.) Every three seconds, a Barbie is sold somewhere in the world.

10.) By the 17th century, play dolls were commonly used by both boys and girls.

11.) The first paper doll, Little Fanny debuted in 1810.

And finally…

12.)        People who are scared of dolls are have the condition called “pediophobia”.


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University of Southern Mississippi



Sarah Dugo, B.S., M.A.T is a former educator and mom with over 20 years’ experience working with thousands of children and knows the influence positive role models can contribute to improve future lives allowing dreams to become realities. Would you like your daughter’s imagination to ignite her future goal aspirations? Learn how to dramatically improve her chance of future success results and learn how to your contributions can benefit by claiming your FREE illustrated downloadable book, Every Penny Counts at =>

5 Money Saving Tips for parents future saving!

I was re-tweeted this savvy women’s blog this week; she not only helps with organization and money saving tips but, also has gluten-free recipes. Women after my own heart! You know if you follow this blog that #5 is near and dear to my heart, I actually pay for my holiday expenses ever year solely using this tip!

Read the full article at:

College Highlight:

This is a nod to the “Oracle of Omaha” billionaire financier Warren Buffet

Uof Nebraska omaha

Leave YOUR tips in the comments:

We got a YES!!! Accion loan for College Savings Dolls!

We got a YES!!! Accion loan for College Savings Dolls!


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