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$800 Emergency!! Creating a “curve” account brings Zen!



NC in the summer and my A/C starts blowing hot air. Really?! That’s not going to work. So, I drop off the car and get my first call from the mechanic two hours later. My car won’t pass the state inspection unless I get new tires. Great-new tires vs. no car!?! I give the mechanic approval to replace the Freon, attach four new tires, and run the state inspection. My $100 Freon bill quickly becomes $800!

News like this used to make me and hand over the plastic, but now my many sleepless nights have ended. I opened a designated “curve” saving’s account. Why is it called a “curve”account? Because life throws you a lot of unexpected curve balls but, name it anything you like.

A curve account is a savings of $100-1000, or whatever makes you feel comfortable. It’s an emergency and beyond your control, so don’t fret. You don’t have to save for curves all at once and even if you don’t have the full amount when you need it-you do have something you didn’t count on.

You know your average “Oh No!” expenses better than anyone. Would “curving” and having extra money in the bank make you feel comfortable? Use this easy saving chart to figure-out how long it takes:


                             $10 week or $40 month                               $20 week or $80 month

$100                             2 ¼ months                                                         1 ¼ months

$200                            5 months                                                               2 ½ months

$300                            7 ½ months                                                         3 ¾ months

$400                           10 months                                                             5 months

$500                           12 ½ months                                                        6 ¼ months


Freedom is yours!!

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Tattoo’s on your doll you want off?! How to remove pen/marker/dirt stains from your dolls skin.


Did you try to update your dolls look by adding new make-up or draw-on jewelry? Or do you drag your friend everywhere, even to the playground? Try these easy steps to get her back to a fresh from the box pal in no time.


You will need:

Plastic Wrap

Oxy 10



Marked-up dolly



Step: 1

Lay her on a table outside in the sun and cover her hair so, it doesn’t fade or frizz.


oxy 1









Step: 2

Apply Oxy 10* to the spot(s) you want gone and cover them with plastic wrap.**


   oxy 6 oxy 4




Step: 3

May take a few days in the sun but, keep trying-it will fade.***


oxy 3 oxy 5

Become a #futuredoll media darling-send me your before & after pictures and I will post them!



*Oxy 10 or Oxy Maximum Action, etc. (need to have 10% Benzoyl Peroxide)

** Trick my hair stylist uses to allow the bleach applied to my hair to lighten it faster.

***Mine was like a faded bruise the 1st day and gone by the 2nd day.

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Northern Illinois University


College Savings Dolls Winners of Jessica and Deanna Dolls!!

booth photo


August 1, 2014  the Boomer’s Stadium in Schaumburg, IL was filled with teams of runners and walkers all raising awareness & money to help researchers find a cancer cure in our lifetime. As a cancer survivor, it warmed my heart to have so many people giving up their time to help people they would never know or even meet.

Patty got to speak with so many wonderful people who loved the concept of the CSD positive role model dolls. We truly believe that having visual positive role models at a developing age will help set the tone for the way children view themselves later in life. Putting our money where our mouth is, we held a raffle at the end of the night for two dolls.

Drum roll, please!!!

The winners are:

Eva Armstrong  (Deanna Doll)

Marcia Singery   (Jessica doll)

Imagine their faces when their mom’s tell them that they WON! We can’t wait to hear from them! So glad they could stop and say “Hi” to Deanna & Jessica and enter the CSD raffle for a doll!


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University of Illinois



If you have an event in the Chicagoland area, please send us information. We would love to support local causes if we can. Please click on the links and reach out to two great organizations:

Schaumburg Boomer Baseball

Relay for Life

Are you a wanna be crafter but hate to craft? Cheater Doll Pillows are perfect for you!

the craft rascal 2

This project is for you if:

  • the thought of crafting stresses you out.
  • you don’t like to sit and concentrate on one task for hours.
  • you see More than 5 steps are needed & quit reading.
  • you want that feeling of accomplishment and admiration. (But not be exhausted & cranky)
  • you can’t finish the project in one sitting. (Including drying/painting/sewing time)


Items Needed:

  1. 5 x 6 or whatever size you have pre-sewn material bags (use what you have!)
  2. Cotton balls
  3. Glue stick (can whip stitch it instead but, my glued ones have lasted over a year)

Step 1: pull draw strings out of bag


Step 2: stuff with cotton balls


Step 3: seal with glue stick


Step 4: put heavy book on seal to close

pillow 3

Oh yah-you are done! Another positive childhood experience was created, reinforcing using what you already have to further imagination. GO YOU!!!

photo 4

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(Savannah college of art and design)

Kid’s can’t sit still? Bring on the Magic Bag!

magic bag

Setting: A large family restaurant with a big menu and casual atmosphere.

Objective:  No cooking, No cleaning. Not leaving with a headache.

Enter: A frazzled Mom holding her young daughter’s hand,  “Come here, Kailee. Sit down, we are going to have dinner. We don’t want to disturb all these nice people trying to eat.”  Mom pulls out a chair, pats the seat, and trys to coax her child to sit down and behave like an adult.

Well, kids are not mini-adults so, why should they be expected to behave like us.  Kids are naturally curious about new unexplored surroundings and need a few seconds to adjust to their location. Use that quiet time to your advantage and de-crease your perceived anxiety over the judgment of your parenting skills. But, always be prepared!


Enter your friend and savior the magic bag. A magic bag is simply a bag that you ONLY pull-out in public places that you want the child to be quiet and behave in a certain way. The magic bag  works like magic if you rotate its contents like you  circulate the toys in the toy box so, they are always new.

The contents of the magic bag vary from child to child but, should includes a few staples.



Pencil/Pen (when child can write)

snack (tide them over until the food arrives-small amount raisins/cereal)

small toy

FREE easy to carry string bag included with each doll purchased!(while supply lasts)

College Highlight:

University of Oklahoma

u of oklahoma

Two Awards for College Savings Dolls! Toy of the Year 2014 from Creative Child!

College Savings Dolls

is so excited to be awarded not one but two prestigious awards from the fabulous

Creative Child Magazine!!

The judging was conducted by educators, parents as well as child centered groups; who played, tested and at handled the Deanna doll gave their opinions and voted to award the doll.

Deanna Creative Child Award 2014

College Highlight: (Creative Child is located in Henderson, NV)


Check out a new recipe, STEM resources, cool quotes and money tips!

The Real Deanna & Jessica and their dolls!!!

The Real Deanna & Jessica and their dolls!!!

Here it is! The CSD 1st Newsletter!

Read on, let us know your thoughts &  tell us how we can be better serve you!


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